So why approach them the same way?

As a customer, you know how frustrating it is to be on the receiving end of a well-intentioned but completely unconvincing sales pitch.


Good sales and customer service representatives know how to read a customer’s personality type, and can adapt their own personality style to better match the needs of that customer.

No two customers are exactly a like.

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Get to know your customer and give them the opportunity to get to know more about themselves. With any expression of interest, the potential customer is sent a link via SMS which leads them straight to their own DISC personality test. With that, the client does not only provide invaluable information leading to the best practices on how to communicate and conduct the potential sale with them but more importantly, it leaves them with an in-depth personality profile. This profile is comprised of a behavioral profile, optimum physical exercise profile and a family relationship profile, with tips on how to communicate and avoid conflict in all walks of life. 

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to any client

By using DiSC to understand the personality styles and predictable behaviors of the people to which you’re selling, you’ll be able to adjust your approach to suit each individual customer. If you use the same sales and customer service strategies with every customer, you’ll never please everyone. Using DISC analysis to mold and adapt sales techniques so that they are tailored to the client’s personality-based needs, interests, and fears is the key to closing deals.


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Our field-tested and independently-validated DiSC sales and customer service solutions include:

•     DiSC Sales Style Reports for identifying your instinctive selling style
•    Proven techniques for becoming a more effective seller
•    Strategies for improving communication with clients
•    Hiring tools to help you assess and rank job applicants for sales and customer service positions
•    Comprehensive DISC courses for personal growth or use in training seminars
•    Teaching tools for strengthening a sales force
•    Your Best Business consultants who can guide your sales training and staff to success

Our products can meet any need, no matter how big or small. They are useful for individuals in the field looking to increase their performance, or for companies seeking training opportunities for their staff.

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Every person, buyers and sellers alike, will have their own personality style. Each person will act and communicate according to their inherent behavioral style. Your sales people will instinctively communicate with their clients based on their own behavioral style, just as clients will react according to theirs.

Being able to recognize your own selling style, the selling style of your sales force, and the personality styles of your clients and customers will give you valuable insight you can use to establish rapport, open lines of communication, build trust, motivate, and sell.

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